Information Skill – Introduction

Good information skills are essential for successful professionals.
Early in your career you must successfully study and digest a huge volume of information, simply to become effective. As you become increasingly successful, you will need to digest huge numbers of documents, data and reports just to do your job, as well as assimilating all the information you need to keep up-to-date in your field.
This section of Mind Tools gives you a range of skills to help you do this. The articles on reading help you to increase your reading speed and become highly selective in what you read. The item on review techniques helps you to keep information fresh in your mind. The article on note-taking gives you a powerful tool for recording useful information.
Enjoy the articles!

Introduction to Information and Study Skills

Effective Note-Taking with Mind Maps

SQ3R – Increasing your retention of written information
Speed Reading – Substantially increase your reading speed
Reading Strategies – Reading efficiently by reading intelligently
Review Techniques – Keeping information fresh in your mind
Learning Styles – Learn in a way that suits you

The Conscious Competence Ladder – Making learning a happier experience

Career Excellence Club Member Tools: (How to become a member)

Developing Surveys – Asking the right questions the right way
The Cornell Approach to Note Taking – Taking notes effectively and efficiently
4MAT – Delivering instruction everyone understands
Case Study-Based Learning – Enhancing learning through immediate application
Learning Curves – Learning faster to improve efficiency


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