Stress Management – introduction

This section of Mind Tools helps you survive the intense stress that can come with a challenging career.

The first articles help you to understand stress and what causes it: This is an important starting point for effective stress management. They introduce you to the three main approaches to stress management, and then shows you how you can identify the key sources of stress in your life.

We then look at a range of stress management techniques. The Mind Tools approach is, where possible, to tackle stress at source. This means that not only do we show you how to cope with the symptoms of stress, we help you deal with the underlying causes as well.

By the end of the section, you should have a clearer understanding of stress and the importance of managing it; you should be able to analyze the points of pressure in your life, so that you can plan to neutralize them; and you will understand how to use a range of different stress management techniques.

Also remember, as you work through, that if you have particular issues in bringing balance to your life, this is where our coaches can help.

Stress Management – Start Here! – What you need to know about stress

Stress Diaries – Identifying the short-term stress in your life

Job Analysis – The first step in managing work overload and job stress

Performance Planning – Planning ahead to reduce performance stress

Imagery – Mental stress management

Physical Relaxation Techniques – Deep breathing, PMR and the relaxation response
Thinking On Your Feet – Staying cool and confident under pressure

Rational Positive Thinking
Are You a Positive or Negative Thinker?
Anger Management – Channeling anger productively
How Good is Your Anger Management?
Burnout Self-Test – Testing yourself for burnout
Building Self-Confidence – Developing the self-confidence you deserve
Locus of Control – Finding out who’s in charge of your destiny
The Wheel of Life – Finding balance in your life

Career Excellence Club Member Tools: (How to become a member)

Managing Your Boundaries – Ensuring that others respect your needs
Beating Self-Sabotage – Recognizing and overcoming it
How to Relax After a Hard Day – Leaving work at work
Toffler’s Stability Zones – Finding peace amid chaos
Ready for a Real Vacation? – Preparing to make the most of your precious time
Surviving Business Travel – Minimizing stress during business trips
Rest, Relaxation and Sleep


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